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No Leash Needed

Dog with red leash looking at owner

Puppy Training

New Tricks For Your New Dog

Puppies have a small window of time during brain development when they are most impressionable. This critical learning period is usually up to the first 16 weeks of development. Puppies learn more during this time than they can learn in a life time.

Puppy Training at No Leash Needed

Why Choose No Leash Needed for Puppy Training

  • We believe in bond-building for successful training - essential to having a happy dog!

  • We believe puppies should be taught through motivational methods and positive reinforcement.

  • ​We have a staff of diverse, experienced trainers who constantly improve their skills through workshops, seminars, etc.

  • We help you set realistic expectations and recommend only training programs that help you succeed.

  • We make training fun for you and your dog while building a solid foundation and lasting bond.

  • Our puppy programs are designed to give your dog the right amount of socialization and basic obedience! Our Preschool is designed to ensure you and your puppy are having a great time while learning basic obedience.

Puppy Programs


Building a solid foundation is the most important step in having a rewarding relationship with your new dog. We only use positive reinforcement in our puppy programs to ensure your long-term success. Our puppy programs are limited to dogs that are under 6 months of age.

Your Puppy Will Learn:

  • Basic Obedience Commands

  • Socialization

  • Appropriate Play

  • Confidence Building

You Will Learn:

  • How to communicate effectively with your pup

  • Solutions to problem behaviors

  • How to build a foundation for future training

Puppies chasing after each other with a ball.

Puppy Preschool

This 2 week program combines both training and socialization to ensure your puppy’s success. Your puppy will spend the day training with our staff of trainers and socializing in day camp. Lessons include basic obedience commands such as sit, down, come, and loose leash walking. Plus– early socialization is vital to a puppy’s development.

Your puppy will complete the program with one 1-hour take home lesson or two 30-minute lessons.

Dog being trained

Puppy Private Lessons

Sometimes pet owners just need a helping hand, questions answered, or prefer one-on-one training. An experienced trainer will be working with you to build a foundation and teach some basic obedience as well as answer any questions you may have. Your puppy will learn basic verbal commands such as sit, down, come, and loose leash walking.


Puppy Training Reviews & Testimonials

Hear why our clients are loving Puppy Training at No Leash Needed!

Our puppy attended Puppy Preschool and both of our dogs attended Day Camp. Definitely recommend! Experience is personalized to each dog and trainers do a fantastic job of ensuring families are informed and accountable for supporting best behavior and training outcomes at home. Worth the money and investment in your pups!

Annie R.

We took our puppy Mischa here for puppy preschool. She loved it and we loved it. The trainers and staff I can tell honestly care about her and she REALLY loves going there. From a training standpoint, she is a much better listener and I think we’ve learned some good ways to work with her at home too. I would highly recommend them for training.

Shannon M.

Took our 5 month old puppy through the 2 week puppy preschool program and we couldn't be happier! He comes home happy and tired every night from training and socializing with other dogs throughout the day. The staff has been awesome and our puppy has shown a ton of progress in his training. Would definitely recommend No Leash Needed to anyone!

Catie C.

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