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Rates & Requirements

No Leash Needed facilities are smaller by design to create an enjoyable and personal stay for your pet. We do book quickly for daycare and boarding services. Advance reservations are required. Pricing for services is below. To find out more information, please contact our facilities.

Dog Boarding
Standard Suite$32
Extra Large Suite$42
Rooms require an activity of choice
Group Activity Packages
Half day play and report card at end of stay
Full day play and report card at end of stay
Full day play and daily report card with a special treat
Individual Activity Packages
1 play session and report card at the end of the day
2 play sessions and report card at end of stay
2 play sessions and daily report card with special treat
Boarding Add Ons
Peak Pricing+$5
Tuck in service with treat$5
Kong Service$7
Treadmill Session$10
Personalized Photos$10
Dog Daycare
Day Camp Packages
Full Day$32
Full Day 5 Pack$144
Full Day 10 Pack$281
Full Day 20 Pack$544
Full Day 30 Pack$768
Half Day$22
Half Day 5 Pack$100
Dog Training
Puppy Day Train (M - F) 10 Days$600
Adult Day Train (M - F) 10 Days$900
Private Lesson (30 minutes)$60
Spa Services
We offer bathing at all locations and full-service grooming at select locations. Please call us for details.

Our Locations

Visit us at any of our 7 convenient locations across St. Louis and St. Charles.