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Rates & Requirements

No Leash Needed facilities are smaller by design to create an enjoyable and personal stay for your pet. We do book quickly for daycare and boarding services. Advance reservations are required. Pricing for services is below. To find out more information, please contact our facilities.

Dog Daycare Pricing

  • Half Day (up to 6 Hours): $18.95

  • Full Day: $27.95

  • 5 Pack: $24.95/Day

  • 10 Pack: $23.95/Day

  • 20 Pack: $22.95/Day

  • 30 Pack: $21.95/Day

Dog Training Pricing

  • Puppy Preschool: $549

  • Puppy Private Lessons: $300

  • Day Training: Starts at $849

  • Dock Diving Class: $200

  • Agility Class: $200

Due to the wide variety of training behaviors we deal with, our programs are customized for your dog. Set up an evaluation to learn more and meet with a trainer. Our Day Train programs include weekly take homes lessons and group class.

Dog Boarding Pricing

  • Nightly Boarding: Starting at only $28.00

  • Daycare Package: Starting at $11.00/Day

  • Fitness Package: Starting at $16.00/Day

  • Individual Play Package: Starting at $16.00/Day

  • Puppy & TLC Package: $18/Day

  • Food Bagging Fee: $1/Bag

Pricing is based on breed size, availability and activity packages. An activity package must be selected while boarding and will apply for the duration of your stay. Additional dogs sharing the same kennel are 20% off boarding only. For complete pricing, please call the facility.

Dock Diving Pricing

  • Open Dock - Beginner: 1hr | $25

  • Open Dock - Advanced: 1hr | $25

  • Private Lessons: 30min | $50

  • Pool Rental: 30min | $35

No Shows will not be refunded. If you book a spot and are unable to make the appointment, you must cancel within 48 hours.  Failure to do so will result in being removed from future spots.

Other Services

  • Lunch Service (Your Food): $2.00

  • Kong Service: $5.00

  • Nail Trim/Dremel: $14.00

  • Bath & Brush (<=25lbs): $30

  • Bath & Brush (<=49lbs): $40

  • Bath & Brush (<=99lbs): $50

  • Bath & Brush (>=100lbs): $60

  • Personalized Photos (3): $5


To ensure the good health of all pets entering No Leash Needed we require the following vaccinations:

  • Rabies


  • Bordetella or Canine cough

  • Negative Fecal exam within the last 6 months

Due to different protocols by Veterinarians, the Canine Influenza vaccine is not required, but STRONGLY ENCOURAGED.

Dog Daycare Evaluations:

Prior to participating in group play or Doggie Daycare, pets must pass a scheduled temperament evaluation.

Clients interested in setting up Daycare for their dog must call the facility to set up a client orientation and tour. At this time, we will collect proof of vaccinations and a negative fecal exam. No Leash Needed will then set up a trial day for daycare. We ask for a minimum of 4 hours to assess your dog's behavior in group play. If your dog passes the temperament test, they can stay all day and normal charges apply. If your dog does not pass for group play, a staff member will notify you. There is no charge if your dog does not pass for camp. Retests are granted on a case-by-case basis. If you request a retest, full daycare charges will apply regardless of the result.

Approved pets may have social privileges suspended if their behavior changes and becomes inappropriate for daycare.​

Dog Daycare While Boarding:

If you are boarding and have requested daycare as your activity package, it is highly recommended that your dog complete an evaluation prior to boarding to ensure they can participate in group play. If your dog is unable to participate in group play, they will be moved to the comparable Individual play package.

Our Locations

Visit us at any of our 4 convenient locations across St. Louis and St. Charles.