No Leash Needed was founded by a successful, professional dog trainer; dog training is our expertise. Our award-winning training staff is made up of certified professionals only, with years of experience working with dogs of all breeds, ages, and personalities. We’re highly recommended by clients, veterinarians, and other industry leaders. Find out why our training has won us the Angie’s List Super Service Award every year since 2013!

Why Choose No Leash Needed for Dog Training

We believe in bond-building for successful training- essential to having a happy dog!

We are skilled in multiple methods of training, never relying on one method.

​We have a staff of diverse, experienced, trainers who constantly improve their skills through workshops, seminars, etc.

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We help you set realistic expectations and only recommend training packages that will provide the most success.

We make training fun for you and your dog through personal interaction and free group classes!

We are able to handle all kinds of training behaviors- from basic obedience, reactivity, anxiety all the way to canine sports such as Agility and Dock Diving.  We do it all!

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Tried & True Methods– Combined

Our philosophy for dog training is simple: build a foundation while having fun with your dog!

We use only humane and proven methods, and we’ve trained over two-thousand dogs in the Greater St. Louis area.  Not all dogs respond to the same methods of training, so we don’t rely on one method alone. Instead, we combine elements of multiple techniques, adapting our approach to each dog.  Our techniques incorporate all facets of learning theory, the most important being positive reinforcement. We teach using motivational and reward-based methods. Most importantly, we believe if you teach dogs desired behaviors, they’ll respond to verbal cues & correct behaviors on their own!  

Our system is meant to meet three major goals:
1.    Teach your dog to respond to verbal commands using a positive approach
2.    Teach you how to maintain your dog’s good behaviors and even improve them in time
3.    Ensure your dog retains his new knowledge long after class ends through ongoing support

How Does it Work?

We start with a face-to-face complimentary evaluation to meet you & your dog, discuss your challenges, and outline your training goals. To get started, complete a training evaluation here.  Once we receive the form, a trainer will contact you.

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals while making it fun & educational for the owner as well as the dog. The more you & your dog enjoy the process, the better the results will be! Our promise to all of our training clients is to work with you until you’re satisfied with your dog’s progress. Plus, our training programs include access to our online resource center full of videos, course outlines, helpful tips, and FAQs. 

Options for All Needs
All of our programs are designed with your success in mind. Our Day Training program includes weekly take home lessons and group classes. All our training programs are all built on the same positive, results-driven techniques. Prices start at $849 for our Day Train program and space is extremely limited. 

No Leash Needed Dog Trainers

When you train at No Leash Needed, a dog trainer with experience will be working with your dog, not a student.​​  We employ a small number of highly qualified trainers.  They come from a variety of backgrounds and are skilled in understanding dog behavior and multiple methods of training.  They have completed a formal training program and/or have significant experience working with dogs and people.  In addition, our trainers are then put through an intensive internal training program before being able to work with clients.  


Our focus is to train happy, obedient dogs and exceed your expectations.  We are selective about our trainers and you should be as well.  We limit the number of dogs we take into our training programs to ensure that your dog gets the time and attention you pay for.  We track your dog’s progress from day one and give you a variety of options to continue training.  

Our Founder

Our personal training dogs are our own pets, and most of them are rescues or surrenders. We’ve dealt with the same struggles many pet parents have, from basic obedience to aggression. We know firsthand how difficult it can be, so we genuinely want to help you & your dog reach a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

Our founder, Shannon Mayfield, adopted a rescue dog with severe aggression and sought professional help. She met with three clicker trainers, two prong collar trainers, and one remote collar trainer. She came to realize most dog trainers didn’t understand dog behavior and learning; they just pushed the method they knew. 

Extremely disappointed in the dog training available, Shannon was motivated to seek out as much knowledge as possible. She continued working with her dogs privately and eventually pursued dog training as her career. She’s traveled all over the country to further her education through formal schooling, workshops, and seminars. Versed in all training methods, she’s developed her skills by working with renowned trainers of all disciplines, from obedience to canine sports. 

Shannon’s always been open to new ideas and methods, and her multifaceted approach is the standard for all trainers at No Leash Needed.

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