Dive into fun at No Leash Needed! We have a 41 foot pool and a 30-foot long dock for canine dock diving, whether you want introductory classes or rented practice time. Plus, simply swimming is a favorite form of play for many dogs! We offer pool rentals, open dock, and private dock diving classes. 


Open Dock

Open Dock allows dogs to have fun, practice, or just swim.  Due to popularity, we have split Open Dock into Beginner and Advanced.  The Beginner sessions are reserved for dogs still learning to jump of the dock with confidence.  People that also want their dogs to swim are welcome during this time.  Each participant will get 5 minutes on the dock and then rotate in line.  A staff member will be on-site to assist.   

 Advanced dogs  must be able to jump off the dock or ramp willingly and know how to exit the pool properly.  Advanced sessions will not have staff supervision.  Clients will be expected to conduct themselves in a safe and proper manner. Each spot is limited to one dog and one handler. 

Private Dock Lessons

Interested in private time with a trainer on the dock? Our private lessons last for 30 minutes and provide you and your pup with one-on-one time to dive, practice or just swim.  An experienced trainer will be with you every step of the way to assist you in accomplishing your goals.  Lessons are 30 minutes and cost $50.  Each spot is limited to one dog and one handler 

Pool Rental

Clients can rent the pool to practice dock diving, swim, or let their dog have some fun splashing around.  There is no staff supervision during pool rentals; clients are expected to conduct themselves is a safe manner.  You must have completed an open dock or attended private lessons to ensure you are comfortable with the pool and ramps.  


The pool rental fee is $35 for 30 min.  Each additional dog is a $10 fee.  For groups of 5 or more dogs, please contact No Leash Needed for pricing and availability.  All Clients must obey all pool rules and clean up after themselves when their session has ended.  If you book a spot and are unable to make the appointment, you must cancel within 48 hours.  Failure to do so will result in being removed from future spots.

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