Dog Agility At No Leash Needed

The wait is over, agility is here!

Agility has finally come to No Leash Needed.  Our facility features regulation equipment and rubber flooring throughout to soften your dog’s landings and be more forgiving on their joints.  Our 4000 sq. foot course includes jumps, teeter totters, A-frame, tunnels, and chutes.

Note: Our current agility classes are for pet agility. If you are in agility for competition, these classes are not appropriate, but stay tuned for more offerings.

Level 1 Beginner: Classes Forming Now! 

​​This course is an introduction to agility. You and your pet will learn the obstacles each class and work on getting them into short sequences to run through.  The course is limited to 7 participants.  Class runs for 1 hour for six consecutive weeks.​ 

Session 1 Sat. 4/12/2014 at 10:00 am. 
Level 2 Intermediate: Classes Forming Now!

​​​​We focus on some of the tougher obstacles, off leash course runs, and completing the course faster.  The obstacle course also gets more difficult to challenge you and your dog!  You must have completed Agility Level I to enter this class.


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Agility  Dog Training at No Leash Needed:

Dog aggressive dogs will not be permitted

Dogs are expected to be able to perform basic commands such as Sit, Stay, Down.

Classes will be limited to 7 participants.
Classes are $149 per six week session and are not refundable.
All dogs must have current vaccinations on Bordetella, DHLPP, and Rabies.
You will have to fill out paper work and pay in advance to reserve your spot.